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We sincerely provide you with various services.
Regardless of whether your computer was purchased overseas or in Japan, it can be repaired at our store.

Repair content

  • Bring your computer to our store for repair.

    If you need to use the computer urgently and want to solve the computer problem as soon as possible, you can bring your computer to Shinjuku store for repair.
    Prior reservation is only required outside of business hours.
  • Delivery your computer to store for repair.

    If it is not convenient to bring your computer to Shinjuku Store, you can delivery the computer to Shinjuku Store for repair.
    If you just came to Japan and don’t know how to delivery it, or you can’t communicate with the Japanese, please contact the company’s customer service in advance, and the customer service will arrange the transportation company to pick up the computer.
  • Precautions

    • According to the computer symptoms described by the customer, the technician will first test the computer. After the test results come out, if technicians are needed to carry out the next repair, we will prompt you with a detailed quotation and explain the repair process. Customers can judge whether they need to continue repairing according to the test results and quotation or not. Our store respects all wishes of customers.
    • For home delivery repair, the customer is responsible for the round-trip shipping fee.
    • 90-day warranty on computers repaired by our store.

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